Thursday, April 26, 2012

Broken Thumb = No Crafting? No way!

Oh crafty nightmare! Ever ungraceful, I fell and broke my left thumb while reaching for a naughty SuluKitty last Sunday afternoon. And frankly, the idea of not crafting for 2+ weeks is not settling well with me.

The nurse practitioner I saw Sunday afternoon didn't bat an eye when delivering the horrible news that I would have a brace on my left hand for at least two weeks. My husband said it would be good for me to rest. EEK! And just how am I supposed to watch TV or go on any car trip over about 15 minutes without knitting or crocheting or doing some other craft? How, I ask you? And two WHOLE weeks? That's an eternity in my crafting timeline! That's over a dozen hats and/or a couple of prayer shawls and/or tons of wire wrapped earrings, depending on how much crafting time I have in my week and how many NCIS and Big Bang Theory re-runs are on TV on a given day.

And in the midst of my pain, here comes the rude awakening by the unspeakable joys of breaking your thumb, which include but are not limited to: figuring out how to pull up your pants with one hand and zip them, realizing you broke the thumb on your nose blowing hand, and teaching the cats that my splint is not the perfect chew toy or face rubbing utensil. Yee-ouch!

So, I'm off to discover crafty things I can do while my left thumb and hand heal. I'm open to suggestions for one handed crafting.

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