Saturday, May 18, 2013

Crafting on Vacation

I'm addicted to crafting. I freely admit it. So, whenever we take off on a trip, it's guaranteed that I have some crafting project stashed somewhere in my carry on bag or in my.

How we travel does make a difference for me. I'm more apt to take along a jewelry making project if we're driving than if we're flying. Flying usually means a small crocheting or knitting project is stashed in my checked baggage. Driving usually means multiple crafting projects, one for the drive to and from and usually one for the evenings after we return to where we're staying.

A few weeks ago, we drove to Cape Cod and back. We took two days to drive up and two days to drive back, and were on the cape for a week. I took several projects: a pair of socks (car), supplies to make hair scrunchies (car) and a chain maille bracelet project (evenings). We were so busy, that I made very little progress on any of the projects I took with me.

What are your favorite travel craft projects?