Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back on Track

So maybe starting a craft blog in the midst of trying to find a job wasn't my smartest idea. Months with no blog posts doesn't showcase my dedication to crafting, does it?

Since deciding to be my own boss got me off of job hunting mode, the crafting muse has been bugging me to get started with this craft blog again. So, I'm back!

The cards for my mother-in-law were a hit! I didn't realize how thrilled she would be to get them! I ended up making 24 cards for her, all created from a card kit I bought years ago at a book fair.

Birthdays, anniversaries and Halloween loom on the card sending horizon, so I need to get my crafty self in design mode and get to work!

For the next set of cards, I'm going to skip the card making kit and use my scrapbooking and graphics tools to create them. I'll share some completed designs and a Halloween card making digital mini-kit with you.