Monday, March 7, 2011

Saint Patrick's Day Candy Bar Wrappers

How do you celebrate Saint Patrick's Day? It's one of my favorite holidays, outside of Christmas and Easter, so I love to decorate and give little gifts to my family and friends.

This year, I'm handing out candy bars. And they're wrapped in Saint Patrick's Day candy wrappers I designed. They really do look much better in person than in my photo. Get the free wrappers here on my scrapbooking and candy wrapper blog.

To add a touch of gold, I used a foil overwrap over the existing candy bar wrapper before I added my custom wrapper. While there are many places to get these, I get mine from Rich Fallon at

You don't have to have a foil overwrap. Just print the candy bar wrappers and tape over the existing wrapper. If you use my designs, I'd love to see pictures of your finished products!

Erin Go Bragh!
aka That Crafty Redhead

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

January and February Hats For Charity

It's March 1 and time for me to post pictures of the hats I crocheted for the local soup kitchen in February. And as I forgot to post pictures of January's hats earlier, I'm adding them here as well.

All 4 hats are crocheted using Homespun yarn by Lion Brand Yarn Company for all 4 hats. It's a nice bulky yarn in gorgeous colors. I used the Windsor shade for January and Lagoon for February.

January Hats

February Hats

January's hats are both medium adult size. I made a large adult hat and a small adult hat for February. Most of the hats I've made in the past for the soup kitchen are medium adult sized hats, which fit most adults, and that's what my pattern makes. I add or subtract an increase row to change the size. Thankfully, these hats work up fairly quickly, so my goal of making two hats per month for the soup kitchen is good for me.

I also finished a prayer shawl in late January. I'll post pictures as soon as I'm through polishing the pattern instructions. I'm knitting away on the next prayer shawl, and this time I'm documenting the pattern as I go. So far, I have designed the shawl patterns as I knit. I can follow a pattern, but I prefer to design on the fly!

Happy crafting!