Friday, June 8, 2012

School Christmas Bazaar 2011

Since boredom is made worse by inactivity, I decided to finally get around to downloading and doing something with the photos I took at the 2011 School Christmas Bazaar. Ok, I confess it was mainly downloading as I really haven't done any editing or retouching of the photos.

So here are some of the crafts that I and other ladies in the church made for sale at the bazaar. I definitely did not do this by myself! I had a great co-chair, Stephanie and many of the ladies in our prayer shawl ministry worked hard on dish towels and other things. Stephanie created the origami ornaments as well as the wrapped yarn ornaments and the felt ornaments on the tree. Judy created the pasta angels. Sarah made the uber cute hair scrunchies. Elaine did the floral arrangements and mint jars. Judy's husband made some great wood pieces, one of which adorns my living room. And I know I missed some of the ladies who created things, so ladies, please forgive my very faulty memory. Each and every item was and is greatly appreciated! And as soon as I locate tutorials for the crafts, I'll post the links to them. I've seen tutorials for the kitchen towels, dish cloths and hair scrunchies on the web somewhere.

It's always inspiring to see what others create, and the bazaar was no different. I usually see these ladies at prayer shawl ministry, knitting and crocheting away on hats, scarves, lap robes and prayer shawls. I loved seeing the results of their other crafting.

Kitchen Towels galore

My flower pens and Sarah's hair scrunchies

Dish Cloths - knitted and crocheted

Judy's Pasta Angels

Our tree filled with Stephanie's handcrafted ornaments.

I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many talented women! They are truly a delight to be around. I'll post a photo of them very soon.  They started working on items for this year's church bazaar as soon as we finished with last year's bazaar! 

Happy Crafting!